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Obituary – MacBook Pro (2011 – 2016)

We remember today not just a beloved design icon, video editor and avid gamer, but also my closest companion through thick and thin. At five years old, standing taller than fifteen inches, always feeling lighter than two and a half kilograms, the absence of your sturdy chassis pressed against my shoulders will always be felt. It will always be said that you died doing what you loved the most – running Final Cut Pro while I edited a World of Tanks gameplay video compilation. Your absence will leave a space on my desk, a hole in my backpack and a problem on Saturday when I have to visit Woody for the EU WoT League Grand Finals. Bugger.

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Microsoft’s UWP “Landgrab”

Let’s keep this one short – Microsoft have the unveiled “Universal Windows Platform“, essentially a single-codebase/multi-hardware targeted compile ecosystem with MS as gatekeepers. Less work for developers to support all MS’s device! Yay! Except they’ve got some weird rules about how games published through this ecosystem should work. Boo! But that doesn’t matter, because the whole ecosystem is open and can be used however developers want to use it! Yay!

Or least, it’s open for now. There’s nothing to stop MS putting important features behind their wall – maybe the next version of DirectX will be UWP-access only? I guess that’s a version of DirectX that on-one (who matters) will develop games for then, I guess. I hope they hurry up with Vulkan…

Something Old, Something New

Let’s get it out of the way now, right at the top – “That Dragon, Cancer” is not a video game in the same way that The Stanley Parable, Gone Home and Kentucky Route Zero are not video games. You may sit at your computer with your keyboard and your mouse and control them just like video games with video game-like graphics and sounds, but they are not video games.

Don’t get me wrong, saying they aren’t games doesn’t detract from their value in the world in any way what-so-ever, but they aren’t video games and no-one should be calling them that – especially video games reviewers.

Oh dear. Too late.

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Soylentnews Livestream BBQ Winds Up

If I told you I’d been watching a Twitch livestream for the last 20ish hours, that wouldn’t be unusual. If I said it started with NCommander, top dog at Soylentnews, livestreaming Nethack, that would be eyebrow-raise worthy. If I said that the stream included Nano editor sessions, an eMacs installation, a discussion about HTML tagging schemes and endless horse puns until 5am in the morning, you’ll understand how surreal my day has been. Continue reading Soylentnews Livestream BBQ Winds Up