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The Singularity Is Here?

While browsing through the photo library on my phone, I discovered a whole string of screenshots that I never took, showing websites I never visited and upside-down instructions for apps I never installed. Not only is my phone self-aware, it’s trying to adopt me a Chinese(?) child!

NASA TV Airs Cosplay Selfie in ISS Control Room

After the first British astronaut enters the International Space Station, it’s good to know that the folks at the ISS are firmly in control. I was watching NASA TV to see if they had anything about Tim Peake’s experience so far. After a brief conference with UK press, he sounded in good spirits and having a great time. The broadcast then went back live to the ISS Control Center just in time to see a whole load of folks get up and leave at the end of their shifts. And then… at 4:56am GMT… just in the corner of the feed…

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