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The 7700K vs 6900K Gaming Performance Conundrum

Following AMD’s Ryzen press event and the public release of a few benchmark scores for their new chips, I found myself pondering the comparison Lisa Su made between the new Ryzen 1700 and Intel’s 7700K. It would appear that Kaby Lake has a frequency advantage as well as slightly better IPC than Ryzen, which compensates by packing more cores into a smaller TDP, and I started wondering what kind of performance differential this will lead to in video games.

Along the way, I spotted a claim that Ryzen’s single thread performance won’t be high enough to make it a good gaming chip. Later on, I saw someone claim that the 6900K was never designed for gaming and would suck in games. While I can understand why someone would make the first of these claims, a last attempt to diss on AMD before the chips hit retail, the later claim piqued my interest, so I decided to look into.

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Obituary – MacBook Pro (2011 – 2016)

We remember today not just a beloved design icon, video editor and avid gamer, but also my closest companion through thick and thin. At five years old, standing taller than fifteen inches, always feeling lighter than two and a half kilograms, the absence of your sturdy chassis pressed against my shoulders will always be felt. It will always be said that you died doing what you loved the most – running Final Cut Pro while I edited a World of Tanks gameplay video compilation. Your absence will leave a space on my desk, a hole in my backpack and a problem on Saturday when I have to visit Woody for the EU WoT League Grand Finals. Bugger.

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Microsoft’s UWP “Landgrab”

Let’s keep this one short – Microsoft have the unveiled “Universal Windows Platform“, essentially a single-codebase/multi-hardware targeted compile ecosystem with MS as gatekeepers. Less work for developers to support all MS’s device! Yay! Except they’ve got some weird rules about how games published through this ecosystem should work. Boo! But that doesn’t matter, because the whole ecosystem is open and can be used however developers want to use it! Yay!

Or least, it’s open for now. There’s nothing to stop MS putting important features behind their wall – maybe the next version of DirectX will be UWP-access only? I guess that’s a version of DirectX that on-one (who matters) will develop games for then, I guess. I hope they hurry up with Vulkan…

Note To Self

Read the list of patches your Linux server is prompting you to install before you install them. Certain applications don’t like it when the installed MySQL interface libraries get updated to versions they weren’t compiled with. Especially while they’re running. Also, database backups might be a good idea.

UPDATE: Also, when setting your compile options, your server has 4 cores, not 2.