Obituary – MacBook Pro (2011 – 2016)

We remember today not just a beloved design icon, video editor and avid gamer, but also my closest companion through thick and thin. At five years old, standing taller than fifteen inches, always feeling lighter than two and a half kilograms, the absence of your sturdy chassis pressed against my shoulders will always be felt. It will always be said that you died doing what you loved the most – running Final Cut Pro while I edited a World of Tanks gameplay video compilation. Your absence will leave a space on my desk, a hole in my backpack and a problem on Saturday when I have to visit Woody for the EU WoT League Grand Finals. Bugger.

On a serious note, it’s not like I don’t have other laptops, just nothing that competes with a Core i7 Quad and a Radeon 6490M. It’ll take me months at least to replace this thing, and in the meantime I’ll be rocking out to the retro stylings of my GF’s old white Macbook. With a Core 2 Duo and an Nvidia 320M, it’ll do for now. It’ll probably struggle with Final Cut Pro, so I might be slumming it with iMovie for a while. My real issue is that this thing has nowhere near enough drive space to get a Windows Boot Camp partition set up to squeeze something playable out of World of Tanks. I switched it’s 250GB spinning rust out for a 128GB SSD a while ago to relieve the drive latency problem and eek out some more usable years, and I don’t have another SSD available – the MBP was struggling along with an HDD as well to give me enough space for my video editing projects and the aforementioned Tank partition.

My editing project is at least salvageable, as apart from gathering together all the assets I needed, I’d barely got into. Well, I guess I should stop wasting time and start bringing everything together on the Whitebook then. What’s this borked lump of crap doing in the way? Get on the shelf and outta my mouse space, damn you!

EDIT: The Whitebook is handling scrubbing through 1080p30 okay, even playing it at x2 speed, but 1080p60… not so much. Also, I started a preview export of the first two and a bit minutes of my project. Previously this would have taken about 3 minutes to complete. I’ve had time to cook and eat a meal, wash up, talk to the GF about her day and type this update. And it’s still not finished. My render speed is now one fifteenth of what it was. And something else has just occurred to me. My MBP would auto-switch between the IGP and dGPU. I wonder which one has actually died? I think it was on IGP mode when it started being screwy… ouch.